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A funeral service for the late Brother Michael Onions was held at Shrewsbury Crematorium SY2 6PS on Tuesday April 16th. at 10.45 am.
Brother Mike lived in Shrewsbury but for more than twenty years he was The Secretary of The Ludlow Castle Lodge and he made his way there every Thursday evening. A 60 mile round trip He was also a PPGP of The Shrewsbury & District Provincial Grand Lodge and acted as minutes secretary at PGL meetings for many Years. 
Your attendance in order to pay your respects to a long serving enthusiastic member of the Order was fitting and appreciated.



This year 2019 Our charity project is in support of.

 Children's Hospice 

A number of members visited Hope House at Morda recently and we were able to have a closer look at the extraordinary work carried out to care for not only children with a limited life span, but their carers and families also.

A number of eventswill be held to raise funds for this amazing charity and we look forward to your support 



Eric’s Annual Appeal for “Severn Hospice”
On December 4th. I will celebrate My 92ND Birthday .
My custom over the past eighteen years has been to ask relatives and friends to make a donation to “Severn Hospice” instead of cards and presents. 
The same applies at Christmas which is just around the corner. 
No cards or presents please but a donation (Large or small ) to “Severn Hospice” will be so much appreciated not only by me but by “Severn Hospice” itself. There will be no cards or presents from me but of course I will be topping up this appeal.
You can, if you wish, forward a donation via paypal to this email address       etjones1926@hotmail.co.uk   which is linked to my Paypal account. Please make sure you select the Family/Friends box so that there is no charge and .Every penny will go to "Severn Hospice" All donations will be  acknowledged

This appeal is now closed. The result was £500 being forwarded to Severn Hospice


Regrettably we announce the death of Brother George Johnson R O H on November 5th. 2018. Brother was a past Grand Lodge Officer being Grand Registrar in 2001

He was also a past Provincial Grand Primo in The Shrewsbury & District province and a member of The Ludlow Castle Lodge 

The funeral service will be held at Hereford Crematorium on Friday November 16th. at 12-45 pm 

Eric Jones Shrewsburycastle
Just now · 
Our cabaret on May 4th. at The Beaconsfield Club and featuring The Paula Ray Laughter show was an outstanding success. The final figures are not yet complete but it is apparent that the profit after all expenses will amount to over £400. Our Charity fund and that of The Province will benefit by that amount . 
We also presented a cheque for £1000 to SSAFA Shropshire. The result of Shrewsbury & District Province 2017 P G P Appeal

Today The Postman brought me a letter which contained Sixty pounds in cash (2x20. 2x10 pounds) There is no name attached, no note, completely annonymous. The post mark is 'North West Midlands' but I have no idea where it has come from. I must assume it is a donation to my recent on line appeals in favour of SSAFA.. It is an extremely generous donation and our appreciation to the person or persons resonsible is immense Of course, if you wish to remain annonymous so be it but I would like to know who you are so that your gift could be acknowledged in a proper manner... However if you read this you will know that your gift arrived safely and Shrewsbury Province is overwhelmed by your generosity Thank you!

Eric T Jones


Shrewsbury Cstle Tom Scott Lodge were recent recipients of The Mayors Community award for services to The Town


Sadly we announce the death of Brother Howell Davies. Brother Howell, ROH.  Grand Minstrell 2000 and a member of GL MC  was a founder member of this lodge and his death will be a great loss to us. Brother Howell's funeral ceremony will be at 2pm. on February 28th. 2017 at Telford Crematorium 

Attendance at The Funeral service for the late Brother

Howell Davies ROH  on February 28th  served to show the high esteem in which he was held. A tribute so richly deserved
Although it was a sad occasion it was pleasing to see about 100 members of The RAOB along with family and friends, some of whom had travelled long distances.

Brother Howell served as a Grand Lodge Officer in the year
2000. He was a member of The Management Committee when he fell ill in March 2013 and was  Provincial Grand Lodge Secretary and Minor lodge secretary of more than one lodge. He was an enthusiastic, hard  working Buff, in The
Wrekin and Shrewsbury Provinces, loved and respected by everyone.    
The RAOB funeral ceremony was ably  conducted by Brother
Frank Maddocks ROH GAJ 2013


The initiation of Brother Colin took place at Bishops Castle Lodge on Wednesday April 19th. 2017; Ably conducted by Brother Frank Maddocks in the presence of eighteen Officers and Brethren





Today,November 29th 2016.  has been a good day for The Shrewsbury & District Province .. In 2014 when Brother Terry Phillips GT 2012 became P G P he nominated Blind Veterans UK as his chosen charity. Unfortunately Terry became ill in that year and had to have a serious operation in the year following (2015) But he had done enough to ensure that a healthy sum had been raised. Everyone agreed that to have Brother Terry present the cheque in the sum of £1540 to 'Blind Veterans UK' would be ideal . Today was the day when Terry has progressed sufficiently to be able to do just that.. The presentation to Annabel Venn representing Blind Veterans Uk took place at The Beaconsfield Club in ShrewsburyOn the same occasion Brother Frank Maddocks GAJ 2013. presented a cheque for £250.00 on behalf of The 'Shrewsbury Castle Tom Scott Lodge' to The Mayor of Shrewsbury ,Councillor Ioan Jones towards his charity appeal 2016.

A special 'Thank You' to Brother Tom Jones and karen who were able to arrange transport for Brother Terry and Pat.


 Shrewsbury & District Province R A O B
Provincial Grand Primo - Brother Jack Shortman ROH.
Brother Jack has decided that his appeal this year will be in support of The Wrexham Branch of 'Riding for The Disabled'
Brother Jack is a keen supporter/ User of R D A.
Please click on this link  http://gofundme.com/23ngj944
> for more details of the work done by this dedicated group.and
donating information. If you can help by making a donation small or
large it will be much appreciated.-Thank you

Our 6 hours at Morrisons Wrexham was very successful. £180 was raised for P G P Appeal in support of Wrexham Riding for the Disabled Association . Thanks to Morrisons and all who contributed.

===============            ============================

 The ' Shrewsbury Castle Tom Scott Lodge' held its annual dinner at The Beaconsfield Club Shrewsbury on Friday last. A fine meal was provided by Churchills Restaurant and entertainment by Brother Richard Smith G A J. R O H
. A very Pleasant evening.


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Events by Wrekin Lodge and Shrewsbury Castle Lodge culminated in a presentation to British Red Cross ( for local use.) of £1055.

Below> members of both lodges with Eleanor Mason and Cynthia Sweeney , representatives of British Red Cross

 R A O B helping The British RED CROSS



Here You will find information and articles about how the RAOB are affecting the community around them.If you have any news stories about the RAOB being active in the community, send us an email and we’ll pop it on the site.Contact us: news@raobgle.org.uk

The Shrewsbury & District Province along  with its' near neighbours in The Wrekin and Oswestry Provinces is continually striving to raise funds for deserving charities  
For guidance on joining The Order    email <raob280213@gmail.com>
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The RAOB is an international order with lodges throughout the world. 
eg. Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Cyprus , Canada, Germany.





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